Challenges, Solutions, Concept, Editors

The Challenges

  • Decision-makers in companies are overburdened with multiple crises – pandemics, pressure to innovate, delivery problems, shortages of skilled workers.

  • Ecological and social sustainability are moving into the background from an economic perspective; with long-term catastrophic consequences for nature and all living beings.

  • Environmental and social standards are growing from ESG to EU taxonomy. The pressure on companies and decision-makers grows with it.

  • Without regenerative solutions, livable futures on Earth for humanity become less likely. A huge transformation must take place in the 2020s.

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The Solutions

  • More and more people believe that companies would make better progress with sustainability and social goals through the use of artificial intelligence…

  • For regenerative futures, however, organisational and social changes are required in addition to technical innovations.
  • Many companies, public authorities and start-ups have already recognised this and have developed sustainability goals, updated strategies and even solutions.
  • These pioneers should now have their say in a extensive, 3-part editorial volume and set specific impulses for change.
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The Concept

  • Four publishers from business (retail), society (sustainability advisory) and research (maritime incubator, futurology).

  • Three volumes with different focal points (PLANET, PEOPLE, PROFIT), uniform chapter structure, publication from the end of 2023 (print and eBook).
  • Approx. 30 contributions each from practice and science describe approaches to solutions for sustainable development on a total of around 300 pages: from the status quo to solution approaches and visions of the future to practical recommendations for action.
  • Publisher: Springer VS, part of the second largest scientific publisher in the world (Springer Science+Business Media).
  • Learn more in the section THE BOOKS.

The Editors

“Regenerative Futures and Artificial Intelligence” is a three-part editorial volume containing challenges, solutions, concepts and utopias regarding sustainability in the three areas planet, people and profit. To be published in 2024 at Springer VS in both German and English.

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